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Insights and analysis of key developments in the regional corporate finance market. Original and investigative journalism into private equity, M&A, advisory moves, fundraising and strategic choices.

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TheBusinessDesk.com believe passionately that the jobs created, specialisms developed, and the entrepreneurs unleashed give the Rainmakers community the right to a seat at the table and a voice in the debate on the economy.

This platform, like the 2024 Rainmakers Conference, is an opportunity to not only celebrate the contribution from funds raised and deals created, but also to look to the future at the challenges ahead.

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All successful businesses reach a critical strategic crossroads. Getting sound advice and robust strategic insight helps leaders make the right choices. Our view at TheBusinessDesk.com is that the regions are well-served by a vibrant and energetic corporate finance advisory community with home-grown private equity and funding partners.

As a serious upgrade to our regular daily news updates, Rainmakers is a regular reminder of the conversations and insights businesses can expect when confronting big moments.

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Rainmakers has been produced by TheBusinessDesk.com as a platform for premium high-quality analysis and commentary about M&A, private equity and corporate finance advisory in the regions.

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I'm the editor of TheBusinessDesk.com in the North West and based in Manchester.
Leading regional business news publisher since 2008 and creator of the corporate finance events, the Rainmaker Awards and Rainmakers Conference.